NetNavi: Royalman
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Appearance: Royalman's facial features are unknown, see as his face is covered in a mask, showing only glowing yellow eyes against a shadowy black background in the rectangular slit upon the mask that allows him to see. He has a large, flowing black cape attached to his neck, which is usually worn like a scarf. Other than that, and the fact that it's the color of a dark cerulean with black linear patterns upon it, his armor is much like most other combat Navis with speed-base fighting capabilities.
Personality: Royalman has a very knight-like personality. He respects higher authority and always gives them saving grace, while showing kindness as well as power to those that reach underneath his prowess. He's mannerly and quite reserved, so he's more of a fighter than a socialist.
Custom Weapon: Goldedge - A sword with a blade of pure gold. It has four segments, meaning it can be extended to reach far distances using the art of segmentation, chaining the segments together for easy release and return.
Signature Attack: Shining Dragon Vortex - [70 Damage|3-Turn Cooldown]Royalman slices into the ground with such speed and force that a massive tunnel of wind catches the opponent and carries them into the air, slicing them slightly from the speed of the vortex. Suddenly, the image of a dragon separates itself from the spiraling tunnel and slams itself into the opponent, knocking it out of the tunnel and to the ground before it disperses.