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Apperance:Houndman is a light brown with white strips. Looks kind of like a dog. Has large teeth and big claws. He is about 5 foot 3 inches with a buster on the side of his right arm and he carries a big buster kind of sniper buster on his back. He has scrares on his left arm and on his face.
Personality:Mainly calm dosn't talk alot. He is smart because while he fights he thinks of what he is going to try to do to win the battle. He notices when to attack and when to stay back.
Custom Weapon:A sniper buster that he carries on his back. It looks like a normal buster but it isn't.
Signature Attack:Two fire shots from his sniper buster once they hit the enemy they explode.But first he has to get a good distance away. 50 damage 2 turn cool down. Both hit: 50 One hit: 25 damage