Name: ScytheMan
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: N/A
Appearance: ScytheMan, a white NormalNavi with a skull for a head, carries his TriScythe on his back and uses it with his left hand. His left arm - besides his shoulder - is skeletal, while his right arm is normal. His right hand is almost always a NormalBuster. His symbol, a line with three smaller lines coming out of it, represents his TriScythe and is on his left and right shoulder.
Personality:Calm and passive, he blocks enemy attacks while analyzing the enemy's weak point. He was originally a NormalNavi, until customized by his operator, Ray Shade. Because of this, he has confidence in his operators skills, but is unsure of his own. To Ray's dismay, ScytheMan sees himself as Ray's servant, rather than a teammate.
Custom Weapon: TriScythe - a scythe with a dark brown handle, this has three parallel blades made of a black, shiny metal.
Signature Attack: StunCut - Two attacks in a row: first swings scythe for 30 damage, and then raises his right hand and uses a spell doing 20 damage and stuns opponent. 2-turn cooldown is needed afterwards.

GMO files
Appearance: an old, worn-down green NormalNavi, with a black cloak similar in design to Forte's. Instead of a scythe, he now carries a wooden walkingstick. His left leg is injured, causing him to limp.

Battle changes: (none of these affect gameplay.) Whenever ScytheMan dodges as Mort, he barely gets out of the way. His attacks all look weaker than usual (flame chips have small, dull flames instead of bright, it seems to take a lot of effort for Mort to lift hammers and swords, etc.).