Appearance: MoonKnife.EXE was the result of all the data from previous projects being merged into one body. The result isn't too bad, Rich would say himslef. This Navi has a bland face with no remarkable shape. Vampiric facial tone, black Iris and ears covered by a helmet which resembles the head of a razor cut off half way and turned so the side of the razor is in the same direction as the face, razor aimed skywards. This is black with an obsidian blade and white spots where rods connected the other end of the razor. His symbol is where the left ear would be. His hair is hidden under his helmet, soil brown hair which is normally curly, but at the moment is razor sharp and reletively short.
He wears a suit of chaimmail around his torso area, obsidian and white chains making it up . Underneath that is a very interesting feature. Underneath his armour is two creamic 'flames' crossing the chestal area. These are night blue with obsidian borders and conatain the pattern of a crescent moon with clouds over it. These connect to his arms. Around his arms are Arm plates which are in the shape of a tear, Points facing away from the body. These are obisidian with night blue borders and shining white knives on them. The top of the plates are rounded off, the hands of normal shape but with tens of mini-knives on them. He wears hamakama on his legs. This is night blue with no markings, but has a knife on its back. His feet have shoes with three claws on the bottom.
His buster is a nontridodecahedronic prism(324-sided prism), each side lined with ammunition packs for a sub machine gun. The ammunition is black 3' bullets with a white ring just before the tip.
Personality: Moonknife shows traits of all the old navis. Maiceman's anger in battle, the calm-collectedness of many a navi, the insultive edge of a particulary high-paying project and the charisma that every good leader should have.
On the flipside, he can be a bit silly at times, is quite shy but oddly follows groups in the background, waiting to be noticed. When under pressure, he attacks whatever is causing the pressure, or tells allies to shut up if they are persistanly yabbering. However, he holds a very deep respect for Rich, as the two share some personality.
Custom weapon:Tsuki-naifu
Description: Tsuki-naifu has a 10cm handle which is night blue. The blade of this resembles an altered carving knife, 30cm long with a slight curve on the (obsidian) blade side, a straight side and the carving of a knife on it. the blade has lots of mini-blades on it.
Normal:the normal attack for this weapon is a basic stab. Nothing too special.
Charge: When this weapon is charged, the user *Usually* walks on an invisible wall and then dives in, slashing throguh the opponent, leaving a black aura.

Signature attacks:
1.The moon and its shadow- At the price of his chainmail temperolly , he can create two clawing hands, one lunar white and the other night blue. Each one strikes at the emeny. (2 hits of 30, 2-turn cooldown)