Name: "Shiny Glasses" Rui
Gender: ???
Element: Normal
Type: Break
-18 years old and 150 pounds, A NetNavi who's made quite a comotion, Rui started off as a "corner cut" combat NAVI but has become so much more! In an attempt to slash prices, Rui was cursed with an low stamina, but incredible speed and power to compensate! Also, Rui was created with the skill of power distribution as to only use his skills in the way he sees fit where he sees fit! He isn't constrained by the bonds of society, chip type means nothing to him! He can shape chips to his choice, utilizing power in the way he wishes!-
Appearance: Rui is quite the "noticible" NAVI of the net! Dressed in totaly fashionable blue bell bellbottoms and a white "Net cotton" short sleeved dress shirt, this NAVI is fashionably dressed for any occasion! He always seems to carry a guitar (style varies) on his back, and he wears glasses with a brass frame and rectangular glass (and very shiny) lenses. Rui has an asian look to him, green eyes and has light skin and a very tall and thin build. His arms are a good 3 inches longer then that of a normal NAVI and he has black hair. And a 2 inch long pompadore, gelled to perfection.
Personality: Rui is a bit of a ladies man if he'll say so himself. He's pretty stupid but gets his brilliant revelations occasionaly. More importantly, he may not know calculus, but he's an expert in both physical and mental stratagy! He has the habit of spouting catch phrases, good or otherwise. His combat style is sharp but stylin, a special evolved from his physical ability.
Custom Weapon: His body! (With occacional help from his guitar.)

Signature Attack:
Can't touch this~!
Rui concentrates his power on his feet, allowing him to move at a near instant speed!
2 turn cooldown
Can be used on same turn as other sigs.
Takes no action.
Attatch to any attack for an added dodge effect.