Name: Chivalry.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword

Appearance: Chivalry really does look like a knight. Specifically, he wears a large suit of armor. The torso is very large and has a black 'X' pattern painted on it. His arms are cloaked in thick steel armor. His hands have no armor and totally exposed. His pants are more like huge steel formations. On his feet he wears steel boots. His helmet is a mesh helmet with a hole in the face, allowing him to see out of it.

Personality: Chivalry, as you might expect, is a very chivalrous Navi, his sense of justice and honesty unrivaled by most. However he is also a very laidback Navi. He is very socialable and enjoys the company of others, ecspecially when he's developed a close bond with them.

Custom Weapon: A pata, or gauntlet sword, that Knight stores his memory database. He can summon it and use it whenever he pleases. Knight calls it his Blade of Justice or Justice Blade. A pata, I should explain, is like a European long sword, but the blade is mounted in a gauntlet, allowing it to be used to stab AND slash.

Signature Attacks:

Level 1 - Pata Rush: Chivalry rushes the enemy and, once in close range, slashes them with his pata. (60 Dmg 3-Turn Cooldown)(Sword)