Element: Normal
Type: Recover
Appearance: Splitman has a sort of tangly tall look. Normally fairly hunched over though not particularly special. His body is covered mostly with dark gray armor. His legs are unusually long looking because of their thickness, but go up no higher than a human's would. His only remarkable aspect is his left arm, which is larger than the other side, beginning with an unusually large shoulder pad and descending down to a thick, more mechanical looking extremity.
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Personality: Splitman normally has a very calm personality, almost sort of meek. He is fairly intelligent, but seems rather naive, overall a fairly nice and comforting personality. In battle, though, he has been known to have his personality change dramatically, becoming cunning and arrogant. He seems to lose most-all of his mercy and gain a new emotion, rage.

Custom Weapon: Left Arm- Normally, it fires small shield-orbs that he can convert to repair others. After he changes, though, he will generally rip-off his left arm and wield it as a weapon in battle, either clubbing people with it directly, or using the detached cables and wielding as a sort of flail.

Positive Energy Infusion:
Splitman summons a tremendous amount of energy from the surrounding environment to boost his healing abilities.
Effect: Pool Of 230 Points for Healing, Self Slow turn it is used. Takes 60 Damage if zombified(30 healing+30 sacrifice). 7TCD

The Power of Rage: 3 TCD
Splitman can summon impossible strength to lift objects at times, breaking the bounds of what is rational or necessary. Objects he grabs he can manipulate with an almost supernatural ease, throwing or swinging them with immense strength.

Effects: Telekinesis(80)+MicroBurst(40)
Can apply telekinesis to one object he holds for the duration he touches it (up to one turn). Can throw or swing the object even more powerfully than normal (adds microburst to throws).

Positive Energy Mastery:
Splitman covers a nearby area with a portion of his soul, using his inherent energies to heal the wounds of a tremendous number of allies. He can use this ability to heal those who are

Blast 4: Healing 30 (120) Deals 30 damage to self. 3TCD

Splitman targets one or more enemies, making attacks against them easier to hit. Each of the 8 targeting signs becomes instantly overlaid over the target, marking it for attack.

Summary: 8 Instances of Take Aim. Works for allies aswell.(2TCD)

Advanced Mobility
Effect: Splitman is able to maintain a constant level of enhanced mobility. Once per turn as a free action this is represented by an accelerated movement, generally a very high or fast jump. If Splitman current has 2 or more rageclaws equipped, this may be used to instead represent their use for climbing.

Mechanically: Passive, Tactical Movement(20)
Cost: 80 Total -> 20 Passive

Red Out
Description: Splitman's eyes go red as he charges his opponents in a flash of red-hot fury, smashing his now detached arm into them again and again until it itself breaks under the force of his blows.

Effect: Buster Attackx9(350)
Buster Lock, Self Slow 7 TCD