Name: Fluffy

Gender: Male

Element: Wood

Type: Break

Appearance: Fluffy appears to be stark green colored ferret. He wears brown wooden armor covering most of his body. He has brilliant yellow eyes and razor sharp claws and fangs. He is about as long as a normal sized navi is tall, not including his tail, and about as tall as the same navi's knees.

Personality: Fluffy is a fun loving ferret, but he is very fierce when it comes to a battle. He strives to prove his worth and loves to challenge strong opponents. He is very protective of claymore and hates Vladimir.

Custom Weapon: Claws and Fangs, Blaster is fired from his mouth

Signature Attack: Four hits of ten damage each, each hit can entangle a target causing it not to be able to move for a turn. 4 turn cool down.