Name: Rainbowkid (R-Kid)

Gender: Male (or boy to be more exact)

Element: Normal

Type: Recover

Appearance: R-Kid is a little body-style NAVI with almost completely white colored armor, zooming lens, and a gray under-armor suit. R-kid also has a lot of gems attached to his body armor that look like there is a color-changing mist inside them. R-kid also has a large crystal on his chest that sparkles in all the colors of the rainbow based on how light reflects on it. R-kid also has a jet-pack on his back that leaves a temporary rainbow effect for a couple seconds instead of smoke like a regular jet-pack. The jet-pack allows R-kid flight capabilities, but it is only slightly faster than how fast R-kid can run.

Personality: R-kid, like his operator Cindy, is timid. He likes being around larger Navi and hanging out with them, but he is more or less okay as an individual. R-kid is a fighter, no matter how timid he may be. He never regrets the choices he makes in a battle, even though he share the same viewpoint of darkness as Cindy. R-kid is like Cindy's bravery, even though he is timid like her, R-kid shows a side of confidence, bravery, and pride to make up for both himself and Cindy. This is one of the many reasons R-kid and Cindy share suck a tight emotional bond.

Custom Weapon: The Rainbow Crystal on R-kid's chest is actually his buster weapon, which shoots bursts of normal shots and charge shots. It is a far more different than the average NAVI weapon, a buster that forms around the arm. R-kid's Rainbow Crystal is also a good conductor of elemental energy, if a elemental battlechip (Fire, Water, Wood, Elec) is used, and R-kid chooses to, he can fire off any buster-related elemental chip from his chest rather than form a buster he is not used to.