Name: Lux.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Electric
Type: Recover
Appearance: Lux is a small navi, about the equivalent of four and a half feet tall, and has a slim build. He has short, blonde hair which is spiked straight up. He wears large goggles, which have black glass, white rims, and a yellow strap, around his eyes. His navi bodysuit has a large triangle coming down from his shoulders to the top of his stomach. His bodysuit is white, while the triangle, his wrist high gloves, belt, and boots are all blue. Between his belt and his boots, on the outside of either leg, he has a jagged yellow stripe which almost looks like a lightning bolt. He has a symbol, which is a circle with a yellow lightning bolt over a red cross, located on the top of his gloves, the center of his chest, his belt, and on both sides of both boots, near the tops.
Personality: Lux is a good person. He always tries to do what's right. He never likes breaking rules. He tries to help out his friends whenever possible, and is loyal to his good friends. He is usually kind and polite, and likes doing what is right. He isn't very assertive unless he's with good friends, and doesn't like being in charge. He considers Gray to be his friend and views virus busting as a game.
Custom Weapon: Lux uses special gloves as a weapon. Each glove has a lightning bolt shaped blades made of energy coming out from the knuckles which he uses when fighting close range. When he isn't in battle, the blades disappear. At long range, he can shoot bolts of lightning from his palms at his enemies.
Signature Attack: Zap- Lux shoots blue lightning from his hand, zapping up to 5 enemies, with 70 damage divided up equally among them. It may also stun for one turn in exchange for 25 damage. So it deals;
- 70 electricity damage to one enemy, or 45 electricity damage and stun
- 35 electricity damage to two enemies or 10 electricity damage each and stuns both
- 23 electricity damage to 3 enemies
- 17 electricity damage to 4 enemies
- 14 electricity damage to 5 enemies
2 turn Cooldown