Name: Gungnir.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Break
Appearance: He is a taller navi, standing almost 7' His body is almost an entirely grey jumpsuit with a thick collar around his collarbone. His gloves, boots, and torso meet directly with hsi body and are a mustard yellow, as well as a tattered scarf that trails from his Collar. He has a brown belt hanging off his hip and his gloves and Collar are clasped to him. His is overall very sleek and smooth. His head is humanoid, with brown bushy hair and a lost expression.
Personality: He is distant, programmed to be loyal to Sieg and care deeply about him. He does not think of other navis, but has no qualms of working with them, but rather doesn't acknowledge them. He cares not about the viruses, fighting heartlessly as he cuts through them.
Custom Weapon: His enormous double-bladed sword, the Dragon Vulge.
Signature Attack: Nifelheim: Two strikes of 20 damage, Gungnir coats his sword in the Ice of Nifelheim and delves it into up to two enemies, potentially freezing them. 2x20dmg, 1-turn stun, 3CD