Name: Lavaman

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Type: Sword

Appearance: Long, navy blue hair going down to halfway down his neck, bright blue eyes, and red armour. The armour is just like one of the suits of armour from the Medieval times, and is a dark blue. It has a red, yellow and orange trim around different plates. Across his left eye is a scar, which appeared as a glitch in the process of transferring him from PET to PET. On the chest plate of his armour is also an emblem, a kind of diamond divided into four with blue pieces, outlined in red.

Personality: Lavaman is cool, and laid back. He is very enthusiastic when it comes to any new thing or anything he's even mildly interested in. While he's not NetBattling or virusbusting, he's trying to write new programs for Rafael's PET. The thing about this is, he doesn't know a thing about starting programs from scratch and has to sometimes run a search program for Rafael's e-mail.

Custom Weapon: A sword, about as long as his leg, that does not attach to his arm and instead has a hilt for maximum versatility. The blade is grey steel, with a highly intense red pearlescant colour.

Signature Attack:
Lavaman uses his arms to summon from the ground too long arms made of hot lava that grab hold of the enemy to drag him to the ground and hold then long enough for an attack.
(Duration - 1 turn. Bind - Damage - 40.)


Now, out of sheer boredom, I think I'll do a long and descriptive history for Lavaman. Ah, screw it, I'll just slap together whatever I think of...

In the beginning of Lavaman's existence, he was just a few lines of HTML code used for a website about fire safety. After a while he grew to over three thousand lines of code, and the website boomed. However, several years passed and it was outdated, and just left to fade into the internet's planes of nonexistance.
Eventually, a young boy heard about the codes that Navis were made of sometimes came of old HTML scripts, convereted into other types of code, added and modified. The young boy had an idea of what sort of Navi he wasnted and went site hunting.
He found the fire safety site and hacked into the scripting, copying it and modifying it with the aid of his brother. After approximately a year, the file was finally a navi. The only problem was he was a red sphere floating on a PET found in the local bargain bin. It was put there because the precious owner had the navi deleted and gave up NetBattling.
So, the red ball was heavily coded by the young boy and after another three months of labour, Lavaman was born. He had no memory and was only programmed to be able to slice and shoot things. He had no sense of obeyment and had total free will. At first he didn't trust the young boy, but learnt that he was his friend. He learnt his name, too - Rafael.
His first battles were against Rafael's friends and not friends, proving that he wasn't a loser. Finally, they went virusbusting and hope someday to beat someone in the BattleDome.