Netnavi: AdrianX
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Recover
Appearance: White-skinned with a white jumpsuit, this navi has seemingly no weapon, but don't be fooled; he can conjure light energy from his hands. Has brown eyes and dark brown hair like his real-life counterpart. As if the light clothing and white skin wasn't enough, he seems to have an intrinsic glow about him, literally; he's a living(?) source of light.
Personality: Very nice and calm outside battle, and tends to keep to himself, but inside battle, becomes fierce and fast, ready to destroy the opponents if necessary.
Custom Weapon: Can summon light orbs of energy to hurt the enemy or heal allies.
Signature Attacks:
Heal Ray: AdrianX charges powerful glowing data in his hand, which he can then use to heal an ally. Heals 45 to one ally. 1 turn cooldown ((60 - 20) / 40)
Vivu.GMO: Turns AdrianX into a small, 6-inch long fox with white fur. Main weapon becomes claws when in this form, although the regular custom weapon is still usable.