Name: Phoenix.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Type: Wind

Appearance: Standing at the human equivilant of 5 foot 9, Phoenix was created by Silas' grandson, Chris Lemrock. His entire humanoid body except for his head is covered in reddish-gold feathers that shine in the light. His build is lithe, one you'd find on a runner. His feet have giant talons instead of toes, with one jutting out the heel, like a bird. Likewise, his fingers are replaced by birdlike talons. His head is the only unfeathered place on his body, and his skin is heavily tanned. Judging by the shape of his face and the pitch of his voice, he would appear to be about 20 years old. His hair is quite a bit darker and redder than his feathers and skin, and reaches down to the small of his back. A birdlike tail spreads behind him, while a pair of giant feathery wings adorn his back. They are normally used for flight, but can also be used for quick dashes and just plain flapping. His emblem stands out quite a bit on him: a sky blue ring as the holder, with the emblem being three feathers, the one on the left gold, the right one blood red, and the one in the middle red-gold, all joined at the base on a smoky grey background. The scariest thing about him, though, are his eyes. One is cloudy grey instead of white with a blood red iris, and a scar identical to Silas' below it, on the cheek, while the other eye is a pure shining white and holy light blue. During battle, his feathers burst into red-gold flame, though the feathers themselves are perfectly safe from the fire. Phoenix is unique to Navis in the fact that he has the Navi equivilant to a digestive system, with a few changes. All data that is absorbed through his mouth is broken down and all vital energy data in the 'food' is absorbed into his systems. (This is strictly RP-based. Essentially, he's getting a stamina boost.) All non-vital data is forced into the outer layer of his data and is burned the next time he executes his combat programs. (Flares up)

Personality: A cold, level-headed killer. He thinks of himself as the supreme hunter and other Navis and virii as his prey. He will not hesitate to delete a Navi, and if so, then it will be a merciless kill. This may be because when Silas and him still lived in Nation Z, both of them were generals. However, due to an encounter with Silas' grandson, Eric's Navi, Infinity.EXE, Phoenix was rendered incapable of further military actions. He sometimes goes on midnight busting hunts while his Operator is sleeping, just for a little fun alone. The only one he would dare to trust or take orders from is his Operator, Silas. The two look out for each other like brothers, and while the two sometimes don't like it, they rely on each other, Phoenix relying on Silas to send him chip data, and Silas relys on Phoenix to help him through everyday life. Phoenix is extremely vain, and in his spare time admires his talons and feathers, cleaning them if nessacary. To him, virus busting is more of a sport than a duty, and sometimes just refuses to bust viruses purely because he would have to spend more time later cleaning his talons and feathers. His hobbies include flying through the Net, killing viruses, midnight busting runs, setting things on his red-gold fire, especially viruses, and controlling the wind. Overall, he isn't exactly fun to hang around.

Custom Weapon: Golden Crescent: Phoenix gathers energy on his hand claws, then releases it in the form of crescent shaped waves of red-gold energy. He may improvise with this, as well as his charge, the latter of which has no set appearance.

Signature Attack: Golden Wing: Phoenix turns into a ball of his red-gold flame, then reforms as seven red-gold flaming ravens, which all fly at the enemies or enemy. Then, silver ashes drift back to the same point Phoenix stood in, where he reforms from the ashes. (7x10, can stack, 2-turn CD)


Name: Werewolf.GMO

Description: Phoenix transforms into a large snow-white wolf in this GMO. His emblem is situated on the abdomen of the wolf, so it is visible when he is standing on all four legs. Its eyes are a beautiful silvery blue with black whites, standing out quite a bit on the white hair. A tufty tail swings around on its rear end. The hair itself is softer than silk, and shines in the sun. In this form, Phoenix is really quite docile and cuddly, despite his large form.

However, when his battle routines are executed, Phoenix undergoes a startling change. His body structure changes so the wolf is standing on its hind legs, though they are still bent at an awdward angle like a wolfs. This, though, only increases its running speed. Its teeth grow vicious, backwards-curving fangs, made for ripping and tearing at the foe. His claws, hind legs and forelegs, are of the same caliber; long, curved, sinister, and made for tearing. Unlike his default GMO, though, his hair itself does not turn to fire during battle.

For his custom weapon, Phoenix uses his wicked claws and teeth to tear up the opposition. For a charged shot, he can confure and manipulate fire. The fire is white, with a tinge of silver. Phoenix can enveloup his arm in fire and attack, execute a firey tackle, and even breathe fire, though this usually leaves him quite winded. Any signature attacks involving phoenixes are switched to wolves the color of Werewolf.GMO's fire.