Name: Blazing Draconian
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Break
Appearance: He is a Draconian Navi, his skin is All Dark Red. He has Scaily Tail, and has Small Wings that enables him to fly. On his head has 2 Spiny Horns, and what he wears on his Body is a Siver Chestplate, and on his legs are Silver Kneepads
Personality: The Bravest Draconian Navi, and he knows Justice. He was created by Zylaen 10 years ago before he went to school. He loves challenging the Navi to the Netbattle. He always thrust or stab when using a Sword-Type Chip.
Custom Weapon: He fires Flame Plasmic Bolts from his Buster. His buster is shaped like a Dragon, and it's eyes shines when firing Bolts.
Signature Attack: Inferno Beam - A Powerful Breath attack, he charges up his energy then he shoots Big Beam of Flame from it's fangs, Inflicting 60 Damage Points when it collides with the foe. Requires 3 turn to recharge before it is used again.

Legacy Items: N/A