Name: Arbalest.exe

Operator: Arch

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Sub-type: Cursor


Arbalest is a humaniod navi, much like a real human than a navi. He wears a cap that covers his 'shiny' head and he got this elven ear rather than a human ear. He wears the plain green shirt and arrow's case at the back with the name-tag ARBALEST.exe. It is stated that he's more to a human except his right arm which is a bit mechanic. He can morph his right hand into a crossbow-buster. On his left hand, he tied a white fabric to prevent his hand from touching the pointy tip of his arrow as he uses his left-hand to load the arrow into his buster so he can perform his navi skill. He wears a green shorts to cover the lower part of his body and wears a pair of black boots.


Arbalest is a kind person but sometimes he rebels. He only do good deeds when he really wanted to and talks too much when he's bored which is normally irritates Arch so much. Arbalest always listen to Arch eventhough he argued with him several times. The good thing about Arbalest is that he's willing to do anything even the task is really dangerous, he think that doing stuff like that can make him become stronger and also, Arbalest didn't care too much about winning or losing, as long as he gain experience. Still, he's not going to lose when he argued with Arch.

Custom Weapon: Crossbow buster (basically it's just a bow)
- Buster shot from his bow for normal attack
- Arrow shot from his bow for charged shot

Signature Attack:

1.00 > Double Arrow - Shots two arrows from his crossbow buster, each arrow does 30 damage. Three turns of cooldown.



Arbalest will lose crossbow buster and equips himself with a real bow(long bow)....he wears dark-blue shirt with a pair of strings at his shoulders meanwhile his pants have the same colour as his shirt....a purple scarf hanging at his neck(half at his neck while other half will tangling at the back)....his elf ears will be replaced with a normal human ears....he still keep his cap and a short purple hair will grow on his head....Arbalest also wears a pair of sunglasses(he can unequip it whenever he want) and carries arrow case at his back....his shoes will stay the same....

Battle Edits:

Arbalest no longer have crossbow buster, he will use a real bow instead....gun type chips will be turned into arrow with no additional damage....he will took arrow at his back and strafe it....spread effect like shotgun will past through target once....'v' and 'side' spread effect will cause a minor explosion after target got hit by an for multi-hit type, Arbalest will do a quick strafe....take vulcan1 as example, Arbalest will rapid-fire three arrows