Element: Normal
Type: Cursor
Appearance: Dark red, medium length hair with lots of bangs, 9mm bullet ear ring, a pair of spiked bracelets on her arms. Camouflaged boots, black+white stockings, and a medium length black skirt. Also has a red visor that deploys only during battle.
Personality:Very calm and cool headed. It would take quite a lot to frustrate Stryder or get on her nerves. Unlike Alexia, Stryder isn't shy at all, but can be quiet at times. Stryder also has a deep obsession with various firearms, and is always trying to find a way to improve her weapon extensions. Loves to listen to Alexia's music and help her think of new strategies.

Custom buster: a 6-stringed electric guitar (named 'Zeighart', or Zeig for short)

Further Description:'Zeighart' is not your standard electrical guitar. It features built-in distortion (Stryders favorite), and a multitude of effects for use with chips. The majority of the body and neck of the guitar has a giant magnet inside, that resonates with the ground for a extra 'boost' when needed.

Zeighart is a custom built 6-string guitar that Stryder made herself, with advice and help from a very close friend of hers. As for the name, Zeighart was the name of a friend she once had in the real world. Zieghart had a natural talent for playing guitar, and Stryder herself loved all kinds of music that had a guitar in it. One night, Zeighart was killed for unknown reasons, but the motive is thought to be jealousy of a local band named, "Xepher". They tried recruiting Zeighart time after time, only to fail.

1.0 Sig attack-"The Anthem"

Stryder runs her fingers through her effects panel on the guitar, turning on all of the effects. This causes the magnet inside to vibrate in tune with the ground. She then holds the guitar in the air with one arm. Alexia then chooses a song from her PET/player and sends it to Stryder, and 'downloads' it into the guitar. 'Zeighart' then glows with a vibrant light, as Stryder plays to the song, sending a volley of non-stop soundwaves at the enemy/enemies.

60 damage to one virus OR 30 damage dealt to two viruses

Legacy items-Barrier x1, vulcan1 x1