Name: Ergo
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Break
Appearance: Ergo has a very odd armor combination with his physique. While he is rather unimpressive in terms of size, his glove and boots are comparable in thickness to those of a large Navi. His armor is a mixture of beige and a darker tan, his jumpsuit a forest green, and his skin an ash gray. Picture of Ergo.
Personality: Ergo was originally programmed to operate for an emergency rescue company. Due the seriousness of this line of work he was programed with soldier-like discipline. His dismissal only served to make him more subdued. Since Nik came to own him he's opened up a lot, though he still carries traces of his military discipline and somber demeanor.
Custom Weapon: Halberd. Spiffy little weapon that he seems to favor. While the picture doesn't really display this accurately, everything except the core of the weapon is free floating around it.
Signature Attack: Drilling Strike. Ergo causes the floating blade of his halberd to rotate around the staff, as though it were a drill. He then either impales his opponent on his weapon or uses it as though it were a spear, hurling it into his enemy. (60 damage, 3 turn cool down)

History: Ergo, short for Emergency Rescue Guidance-system Online, used to belong to an emergency rescue company. He and others of his model were created for the sole purpose of finding people, be they human or Navi, and as such were exceptionally skilled at their job. For a time, things were well, that is untill the SARS model came off the line. The SARS, or Search And Rescue Soldiers, were top of the line and out performed Ergo and his brethren in almost all aspects. The ERGO models were slated for deletion. In steps Nik, a low level intern at the rescue company at the time. He firmly believed that the Ergo model was not ready to be destroyed, and through some quick thinking he managed to make the CEO agree to release the model as a civilian Navi. Nik managed sneak his Navi out before they ERGO's were stripped of all of their tracking programming and left the company, disgusted at how easily it could dispose of intelligent life, albeit artificial intelligence. When asked for a name, Ergo simply chose to keep his model as his name as a tribute to what the ERGO's used to be; Though Nik's quick thinking had saved them from untimely death, they were still almost nothing compared to their former glory.
Most of the Navi's adapted to their situation and live happy lives with their new Net Ops. Some have had a mental breakdown and went insane, often auto-deleting in the process. Ergo, however, remains the only true ERGO model rescue Navi that he and Nik have encountered.

-Combat.GMO: Ergo's armor goes through a somewhat radical change when he applies this GMO. His musculature bulks up greatly in comparison to his usual slim physique. He sheds both his gauntlets and his boots, making him lose the majority of the clunkiness he had while wearing them. In order to protect the damaged limbs that the armor covered, a tight wrapping of bandages cover his forearms and lower legs. A single crest spikes from his helmet while the current protuberances lengthen and sharpen into a point. His shoulder armor changes, shifting form the three "cheese wedges" into a smoother pyramid shape. The final change is to his jumpsuit, which darkens from its usual forest green to a blue-black. Image of Combat.GMO