Name: Reaperman.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Wind

Reapermans cloak is dark green with silver demon face plate covering his chest. His body looks mechanical in nature and is silver. Weilds a mechanical scythe with a electric green blade.

Personality: Reaperman is quite except when dealing with a job or talking to his op, Raej. His appearance makes many stay away from him and he constantly has to deal with netpolice who mistake him for a bad navi(even if they;re right to begin with). The only thing creepier than his looks is his birth and abilities. Also, no matter what, he never opens his mouth to talk.

Custom Weapon: Cyber-Scythe

Signature Attack:
Resurrection- Reaperman cuts a gash into the net air and reaches in, pulling out a empty normal navi shell. He then opens his mouth and a strange string of data pours into the shell. The navi shell jerks and comes alive, helping him out for three turns by blocking attacks and attacking for 10Dmg. At the end of the three turns(or if the shell suffers too much damage), the shell turns to dust and collapses, the weird data pulled back into Reapermans mouth and eaten.
(Creates a ally that fights and defends for three turns. Navi Shell-20Hp, can deal 10dmg per hit, only one attack per turn. Cool Down: 3 turns)

Overall History:
During his training inside the desert to perfect his senses and reflexes, Raej encountered a weird facility that had already been mainly covered by the sand. Although he couldn't see it the first time inside, he could feel the bodies on the floor and sensed that it had been a lab that had encountered a bad end. When he hooked into the computer to fiind out what happened(with the use of the visor on his PET), he learned of experiments involving the fusion of glitches and bugs to create a controllable navi. Also, he found this said navi floating around the void that existed inside the computer and pulled it into the PET. Later, as he was sleeping, the weird navi took over the normal navi that had inhabited the PET and formed into Reaperman, who left quickly and only re-appeared hours later to wake up Raej. Although suprised at Reapermans appearance and later revealed murders that he did while Raej was asleep to absorb more navi data, Raej and Reaperman found a common liking of each other and Reaperman agreed to follow Raej and be his eyes since he freed him from his void prison. Now, Reaj and Reaperman travel the world, taking dark jobs when available and helping reaperman absorb more navi data to grow stronger like he did that first night of his birth. But they do this sparingly so as to not attract attention of the netpolice.