Name: Tenshi (Angel)
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Wind
Job: EX-Head of Guardian angel

History: Tenshi is the first experimental Navi designed to have the processing speed to hack things, the speed to get to trapped civilian navi's before harm comes to them, and to fight off any threats. The massive amounts of programming had to go somewhere in his physical appearance, thus two white angelic wings had been programmed onto his back. The extra physical space allowed the extra programming to be placed. Tenshi was the first navi to undergo this process, and the first who it actually worked on. Leading his team in many sucessful rescue op's, he was able to sustain minimal casulties, from both his team and the people they were trying to rescue. However, that changed bit by bit as the accidents grew worse, the catastrophes greater. Then, more of his team died while more civilians lived. While this wasn't a major problem, the secret ops didn't preserve the ones who died, they merely copied the data and built a whole new body with supposed "improvements" To insure it wouldn't happen again.

The lack of care for the navi's angered Tenshi so much that he ran away one day. Tearing the beacon from the tips of his wings, the feathers turned black immediatly. Suddenly engulfed in pain, Gaeherris managed to located him and jack him out before anything else happened. Sucessfully finding the hidden termination codes in case Tenshi grew... rebellious, Gaeherris managed to suppress it with hundreds of sub-routinees. However, the tips of Tenshi's wings had already started to turn black, and his emblem changed.... perhaps of his own will.

Appearance: Tenshi is probably the only navi with wings. The white angelic wings are long, about 7 feet long to be exact. However, the tips of them are slightly black, a result of hidden programming. His face is white, just completly white and his hair is slightly graying. Not thinning at all, it looks like a big bush of grayness.

He wears a azure long sleeved Shirt, with Chain mail above it, the chain mail has an emblem in the center of it. The image looks so close, yet it's so far off. It's an image of an angel falling from heaven, it's wings turning black as it plummets from "paradise" Wearing long black pants, Tenshi was anatomically correct in as much a way as was possible.

Personality: Quiet, repressed. Yet, at times he has an odd sense of clarity. Perhaps he always has this? On most occasions though, he WILL attempt to strike conversation with even viruses. However, normal talking is out of the question..... NOOOOOO it's gotta involve a big sword before it counts as conversation XD

Custom Weapon: Two-handed blade designed to be as light as a feather yet as strong as any other weapon. The blade is similar to a Broad sword yet it has two green lines running down each side.

Signature Attack: Falling feathers- Tenshi flaps his wings spreading the feathers all around one target, creating a sphere of falling feathers. These feathers then enclose on the target constantly scratching at it, ripping it to pieces.

60 damage to one 3 turn cooldown

KA DONE! I'll take a wideshot, cannon, and a speed upgrade.