Name: Chaos.Exe(Has this been taken before?)
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Wind

Appearance: By Navi standards, Chaos looks to be about twenty two years old though it is hard to tell because of his particular design. Relative to the Net, his is about six feet, five inches tall and weighs around two hundred and fifteen pounds. He wears the standard Navi jumpsuit in black; the shade is so dark to be almost invisible in the shade. Over the jumpsuit is an intricate framework of bones, forming a human skeleton that serves as his armor. His finger tips are completely covered in bone, forming razor sharp claws. Over his armor, Chaos wears a tattered black cloak that is frayed at the ends. Chaos' face is uncovered, his skin pale and gaunt, and his long black hair falls just past his shoulders. Chaos' eyes are pools of complete blackness with small crimson spheres serving as his pupils. The darkness at the corners of his eyes seems to spread out in tendrils, giving his skin in the area a "cracked" look.

Personality: Chaos is crazed and maniacal. He believes his soul to have been corrupted and he revels in the dark path that has opened before him. Chaos enjoys causing pain and suffering in others, loving to slaughter the weak and pervert the innocent. His favorite hobby is to seduce others into his dark world, tempting them with the promise of power as he plans to break them, body and soul until they submit to him.

Custom Weapon: At melee range, Chaos prefers to use his claws, relishing in the act of ripping open a victims flesh. At ranged, Chaos fires crimson beams of energy that derive from his gravitic powers.

Signature Attacks:

Lvl1: Gravitic Crush ~ Chaos fires an orb of darkness that surrounds the enemy. Crimson energy crackles through the sphere and it crushes the enemy with gravitic energy. Deals 50 damage to one enemy with chance of paralysis. 3TCD

Lvl1: Gravity Well ~ Creates an orb of gravity that pulls up to three enemies towards it. Works like an omni-directional fan with 60Hp. Lasts 2 turns unless destroyed. 4TCD


Lvl2:Satellite Impact ~ Lifts one target up into the air to lower their accuracy. Following turn, smashes target to the floor, dealing 80DMG, 5 TCD.