Appearance:he has a blue helment and blue armor...his armor almost looks like it is made out of water..and his eyes are light blue, when he takes of his helment he has brown hair
Personality:it is realy hard to scar him altho he is terrified of the dark, he will also help any navi in trouble, he gets restless cooped up in his P.E.T. for long periodes of time Damien has to jack him in alot so he doesn't have to hear Cyber moan
Custom Weapon:A sword that is made out of water and can be turned into sharper harder ice sometimes, the sword is curved so he can hook onto an enemy and climb up some walls.
Signature Attack:his sword is suddenly turned into a bommerang when it is thrown after it hits his enemy and it returns to Cyber cyber can't move at all for a period of time. 60 damage 3-turn cooldown rate.