Name: Elizair.Exe "Eli"

Gender: Male

Element: Elec

Subtype: Breaking

Appearance: Elizair is designed to be a "Hero". He looks to be about 20 years old and is quite handsome under his armor. He has light brown hair, that is always a little messy, and bright blue eyes that glow with an inner light. Relative to the Net, he stands at around 6'3 and weighs around 220lbs. He isn't overly muscular, prefering a more athletic build that offers a balance of speed and power; however, he does have a well defined muscle tone that is visible through his skin-tight body suit. Speaking of the body suit, it is dark blue with silver trim. Elizair also wears a blue helment equipped with a silver visor that covers his eyes and a long, silver scarf that billows in the wind behind him. In battle, Elizair's body crackles with electricity, the energy running along his arms and legs in silver arcs.

Personality: The stereo-typical "Hero", fighting for great justice! Elizair is always searching for wrongs to right and people to save. He is determined to do what is right, no matter the hardships or the villains that he must face. His one real goal is to "Save the Net", though he really doesn't have any set plan or idea of exactly what he is going to save the Net from. Some would consider himself a champion without a cause and they would be right. Still, he gets by just fine with the simple day to day virus busting. Every little bit helps in saving the world, right?

Custom Weapon: Melee, Elizair fights hand to hand.

Charge Shot: Elizair charges his fist with electricity and then charges forward smash the enemy.

Signature Attack: Lightning Blade ~ Elizair creates a sword of electricity from his hand and slashes a enemy. (40 damage, elec element, chance of stun, 3 turn cooldown.)