Name: American. EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Cursor

Appearance: American returns to before what he remembers, and leaves behind his sleek higher tech look. He sports a overly long coat that reaches down to his ankles. It has a white stripe that wraps around, it breaks off when the coat is opened. The top half of the coat is a brighter red, but still has a bit darker coloring so it isn't blinding. The bottom half of the coat is a lighter shade of navy blue that isn't anything to bright either. The sleeves reach all the way down, and also hang over his hands. On the back is a large white star that is just above the white stripe.

Under his coat is a red, white, and blue body suit. The white and red are stripes that are just above his belt line and reach to just under his chest. After that it is all blue, below the belt and from his chest to his arms. He has red gloves and red boots that reach to his kneecaps and elbows. He has a large white star on his chest also, inside of it is a large A. He has long blonde hair that reaches down to his collar bone and sits on his shoulders. He finally has a shoulder pad that covers his left shoulder and down to his left elbow, it sits over his coat and holds one small white star on a dark blue background.

Finally American has a large array of weapons on his back, he has rifles that sit on his back. Both having extra ammo attached to them, also they cross near the center of his back. Two large six-shooters hang from his belt, both always fully loaded. A large shotgun is held by a loop on his back that lets it hang on his back near the shoulder pad, it only has two shells so he can use it only once. Two sub-machineguns are fully loaded and held by straps on his right arm, both with three rounds. He holds an old fashioned musket with a bayonet added, he has a pouch that hangs off his hip that holds bullets for this one. Finally he has a large rocket launcher that hangs off to his right side on his back, it only holds one rocket until he uses it once.

Personality: American is a go for it kind of guy, shoot first ask questions later, only when he knows he can take the enemy placed in front of him. If not he will try to use his land to his advantage and fight off the enemy with his strategies and intelligence. He is pretty intelligent and uses his strategies very often and won't launch a full frontal attack very often.

Custom Weapon: Random Gun - American pulls a different gun from his vast array of weaponry. Each weapon has no special effect and does the exact same damage as his Musket would in battle. ((Only for RP fluff.))