Name: XIII.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Sword
Appearance: Red hair with white bangs, short bangs medium sides and a long ponytail (Ronin-like hairstyle). He has light blue eyes, and a glowing scar that stretches diagonally across his from under his right eye up to over his left eyebrow. He has the standard white Netnavi body suit, but has a red short-sleeved hoodie over it (similar to the kind used by some special forces, but more casual).
Personality: Responsible (in compensation for his operator), laid back, friendly. Also prone to having some of his operators craziness from time to time.
Custom Weapon: Tsukiakari Ten'un (Moonlight Destiny) (A 5 Shaku (foot) katana with a broader blade than usual. Carried on the side despite the size)
Signature Attack:

1) Legendary Blade: Dmg 60, 3 turn cool down: XIII places the long blade of Tsukiakari Ten'un over his shoulder with one hand and delivers a "reverse-do" strike (a powerful slash to the middle left side of the opponent's body) at speeds faster than the eye can see, enhanced by white-hot flames bursting form the sword. XIII claims that he could cut through a row of 7 Japanese katanas with this single strike, but since he's in the net and not the real world, this theory hasn't been proved.

(last updated 7/10/08)
HP: 100
Zenny: 15850z
Level: 5

-Cannon (40), x1
-Shotgun (50), x1
-RageClaw (40), x1
-Heatshot (40), x3
-Zapring1 (40 + Stun 1), x1
-Firehit1 (60), x1
-ElecReel1 (80), x1
-Guard1 (60), x1
-Cactball1 (3x20), x1
-Bubbstar1(20 + Bubble Trap + 3 targets), x1
-DblBeam1(summon, 40 Null to all Enemies (Red Beam) or 30 heal to all Allies Random (Blue Beam)), x1
-Counter1 (70 + Impact + Break), x1
-RockCube (200hp 200+impact), x1
-Fireburn1 (50 + Line Attack), x1
-PhoenixShot1, x1

Navi Customizer contents: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1, Speed +1
Navicust points available: 10/40

Signature Attacks:
1) Legendary Blade (3)(60dmg)(Fire)
FPX: 81 (Machman)