Name: Shuilong.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Type: N/A
Appearance: 6' 2" A navi with a dragon's head that has a ruby placed on the forehead. Yellow eyes with black lizard-like pupils. His body is composed of mainly light blue multi-sectioned armor with red at the tips where the other pieces connect. Where his hands are, he has a Dragonhead surrounding the hand and covering them almost completely, so it seems like he has two more heads in the place of hands. He also has a tail made out of the same multi-sectioned armor, but with no red lining. The navi symbol on his chest is that of a blue serpent biting its tail with a single drop of water in the center.
Personality: Shuilong is more serious at times than his operator and lectures Shin on many different things. He likes to help others that seem to need it, even if they admit that they don't. In battle, the dragon navi's seemingly natural instinct for battle, just wants to make him kick some virus butt.
Custom Weapon: Dragon Buster, Shuilong's right dragonhead converts the hand into a gun barrel and shoots out blue lasers at the enemy. His charged attack is basically a big blue blast of water
Signature Attack: Dragon Storm. Shuilong extends his arms towards the enemy and delivers 60 punches that each cost 1 DMG to the opponent. 3 turn cooldown