Name: Capuchin
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Type: N/A
Appearance: (Capuchin is a type of monkey so her outfit will look like this) Has a big black tail. Her helmet is cream colored with a picture of a monkey on earpieces. Her skin is tan and has one yellow eye and a blue one. Her boots are black and so are the gloves. Her shoulders and throat are cream colored like the helmet but the rest of her suit is black
Personality: Capuchin is a kind and sweet navi who enjoys a good laugh. She enjoys dancing and putting on a show for and audience as long as they tip her. She can be easily distracted by shiny things if not careful. She is determined to make Aida stand up for herself and find friends. She even yells at the bullies and tries to battle their navis. Capuchin is very protective over Aida and only wants to make her happy.
Custom Weapon: Red Pole
Signature Attack: Pole Strike. Capuchin's pole extends and she immediatley whacks the enemy with it. (level 1 sig, 60 damage, 3-turn Cooldown.)

Capuchin Pic!!!