Name: MoonlightEXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: None
Appearance: He stands at an average height, and is fairly slim in build. His jumpsuit is a calm grey, with black boots and gloves. At his neck, as well his wrists and Ankles are stripes of a pale, cold blue. He wears no helmet, but instead a scarf, black in color with the same cold blue in a whirling stripe on it. His emblem bears a white crescent, and a blue version of such is present on Moonlight's forehead. His hair is about shoulder length, a milky white in color, and feathered back neatly, keeping his periwinkle eyes in clear view.
Personality: In contrast to Zanzo, Moonlight is fairly serious about things, and often synical towards others. This isn't to say he doesn't maintain inner peace; He just has more focus on his goals than his Op. Moonlight is a reasonable tactician, often making use of his knowledge to find weak points in an opponent. Outside of combat, he's quiet and well kept to himself, though once he starts in a conversation, he can go for hours. His goal in 'life' is to prove his strength, and he is constantly seen seen training whenever he can.
Custom Weapon: Diamond Tips: His fingers are made of a sharp diamond-like material, and allow for hard blunt attacks and sharp slices with the tips.
Signature Attacks

Lv1: Drive Buffer: As Zanzo studied the results of Moonlights 'tests' with the Drive System, he notcied something special in the coding: The processor would constantly overclock when he shifted drives in excessive degrees, almost verging on overload. He ran some more tests, trying to see what reduction of function would balance it out. Eventually, he discovers that weakening the initial buster protocols significantly weakened the stress on the processor, allowing the technique to be more productive...

Summary: Passive, and occurs when Drive-Shifting the first turn available. Offers a choice: Moonlight may reduce the cooldown of the drive shifting out to 1, but reduces the base damage of buster attacks to 0, as well as reducing chip attacks by 10 damage. The chip reduction stacks on multi-hits. This detriment lasts the duration of the Drive shifted into.

Lv1: Lifespan of Minerals: After tweaking with Moonlight's systems for some time, Zanzo finds a broken piece of data, 04_09_01_12_14_13_04.exe. After messing with it for a while, he finally repairs it. This, in effect, unlocks the protocol within Moonlight behind his diamond tips. This causes his diamonds to grow within him, replenishing him for the most part. However, as a side-effect, he must 'shed' any excess diamonds from time to time. This is nicknamed 'The Diamond System.'

Summary: Passive. Moonlight regenerates for 15 at the start of each turn. This applies between battles. Takes an action to 'shed' on the first turn of every battle, then again every two turns after(so after the first on turn one, the next payment is on turn three). Is usable with other sig attacks.

Lv2: Abyssal Drive: As Zanzo was tweaking with Moonlight's coding, he discovers a hidden protocol, currently dubbed the 'Drive' system, as it manipulates certain drivers, enhancing certain atributes. With this drive, his buster system overclocks, signaled by his stripes turning black and a darkened appearence, empowering even the most basic of attacks.

Summary: Costs 1/20 MaxHP, rounded down. Adds double the payment to Buster attacks. Lasts up to four turns. Cannot be used the turn a drive is disengaged. Cooldown is 1+(2xturns elapsed in form)