Name: Cyclone.exe
Gender: Male
Type: Normal/Wind

Appearance: Cyclone is a sky-blue humanoid netnavi. He has a small propeller on his back which allows his to hover. Only his armor, which is on his forearm, lower leg, head, chest and top of his back, is blue. The rest is black....spandex. He also has fin-shaped jags on the outer side of his arm.

Personality: Incredibly loyal to Josh not by a program, but by sheer compasion and sympathy for Josh's pain. He also has that wandering, 'free-spirit' thing going on, just like Josh. He is kind, but shy to people who are new to him.

Starting Chip: Cannon, Sword, Shotgun

Custom Weapon: Tornado Buster- shoots out mini tornados.

Signature Attack: Hurricane- Attacks one enemy with a tornado, doing 60 damage over all. 3 turn cooldown.