Name: Armoury.EXE
Navi Description:
Appearance: At 5'7" (relative digital scale) Armoury isn't the biggest navi, but luckily doesn't rely much on her size. Atop her head sits a flat crowned brown leather hat, with a brim that extends 7" in all directions. A thin, black leather belt is wrapped around the base of the crown, with the small brass buckle of the belt on the right side. Under her hat is her straight, jaw line length, red hair with black tips which frames her eyes. One is a soft violet, while the other has a deep red iris with a set of crosshairs over it, giving her a less than welcoming glare, and a slight grin would reveal larger than normal canines. Her complexion is somewhat dark, but not more than a healthy tan, save for a pair of dark lines running over her cheeks and down the sides of her neck, possibly to reduce the effect of glare. On either side of the hat's crown perch two large, pointed fox-like ears covered in black fur which protrude through holes cut in the brim of the hat.

Her body is covered with a long, brown leather duster coat that reaches to her ankles, small brass buckles running up the entire front of it as well as one on each cuff. A long tail extends about a foot past the end of her coat, covered in thick black fur save for the tail tip, which is a rusty red. Her arms are made up of segmented armour plates from her shoulders to her fingertips which end in small, sharp, metallic claws, though they have a natural shape and only bend at the points where one would normally have a joint. Under her jacket Armoury wears a pair of holsters on her hips, as well as a simple grey T-shirt. A thick black belt with two sets of holes and a silver double-latched buckle with her insignia on it runs through the loops of a pair of loose fitting black slacks as well as her holsters. Her final bit of gear is a pair of what look to be military spec boots that blend seamlessly with the cuff of her slacks making them appear as though they were one piece. They allow for good traction on most terrain, a must for a sharp shooter, though they slow her down a little.

Personality: Cool and collected, Armoury is very slow to anger and much like Valis has a rather laid back but quietly confidant disposition. While not antisocial she tends to be rather quiet, not really one to start conversation, and maybe not the best at keeping it going. She's usually more than willing to listen though, and has a surprising tolerance for people who gab endlessly, so long as they don't mind her not having much to say. Like most other Navis her loyalty to Valis is pretty much absolute, while they don't always see eye to eye or share the same interests they are inseparable.

Weapon: Cerberus and Pegasus are the two large double action revolvers that Armoury carries with her at all times. Both have an eight round chamber that simply reloads automatically after Armoury dumps the spent shells. Cerberus has a graphite finish over the entire weapon, save for ivory inlays on the handle. Pegasus is the complete opposite, consisting of highly polished steel that shimmers in the light, it has an identical inlay pattern to Cerberus except it's done in onyx.

Sig Attack 1: Double Magnum
Description: Armoury fires a supercharged shot from Cerberus and Pegasus, can be directed at one or two targets.
Damage: 20 X 2
Effect: None

Sig Attack 2: Bulletproof
Description: Armoury uses her duster coat as a shield, hardening it in place to repel one attack.
Damage: None
Effect: X-hit shield X 1

Sig Attack 3: Greed of Cerberus
Description: Fires a mechanical dog's head from Cerberus revolver to drain target's energy
Damage: 20
Effect: Life Drain

Sig attack 4: Grace of Pegasus
Description: Pegasus revolver generates a healing light, or can fire healing energy at an ally.
Damage: None
Effect: Heals 30hp