Name: Kite Azure
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: Kite stands at 6'1" with green eyes and straight dyed turqouise hair reaching just past his ears and down his neck. He commonly wears a black denim jacket, plain red shirt and navy jeans with black tennis shoes. On his jacket is a patch with the logo for NAXA, and around his neck is a cheap chain necklace with a charm in the shape of a comet.

Personality: Kite maintains a very laid back demenor, even in times of apparent stress. Though his outward demenor betrays a keen observational sense. Still, despite this, he keeps most of his thoughts to himself. With others his age, he is quick to trust, though for those that seem noticably older than him, he his quickly skeptical. Kite has a keen interest in the cosmos, studying to be an astronomer.

PET Modifications: Kite's PET is modified with standard wireless earbuds and microphone as well as a larger and higher resolution screen to allow Kite to view a netbattle more clearly and relay information to Prominence. It is colored black with a yellow trim.