Name: Yusaku Denki
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Yusaku stands at 5'7 with a fairly average build. With green eyes and black hair, he is mostly found wearing green combat trousers and tshirt with a leather jacket and a brown belt in the rare times he leaves home outside of work. The only notable detail to his person is two neon green piercings on his left ear. When alone at home or in the mood for it, he runs around wearing a costume replica of his own navi most of the time. If he doesn't want to take it off and has to go outside, he'd just wear baggy clothes over it.

Personality: Yusaku is introverted and socially awkward. Quirky by nature and reserved he will never try to start any converstion ever, while also finding it difficult to be in his friends' company. With a keen eye and a sharp mind, Yusaku seems to exibit an almost obsessive dedication to his NetNavi Critias, wishing to archieve a stronger bond with his partner that goes beyond full synchro. Somewhat stubborn, he is reliable and organized.

PET Modifications:
FullBody Feedback Suit

Purple colored standard pet, linked to a special costume. The costume itself is a full body suit that mimicks Yusaku's navi's appereance. The cloth used is something akin to spandex, elastic and form fitting. Integrated in the suit there is Haptic Technology that allows full body haptic feedback which provides users with a sense of touch and presence in a digital world, based on electrostimulation; climate control system that provides heat and cold sensations and
motion capture. Inside the head/mask there is an integrated wireless VR headset that can allow users to experience the net world outside from a motion capture area or provide a HUD should the user make use of holographic projections and simulation. With a single opening on the back, on the outside looks like any other generic cosplay mascot costumes found everywhere at conventions. While worn it can remain inactive or in passive mode as well, where the user does not control his navi but may see things from their PoV.