Name: Shane Kahnnigan
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: A 6'2 tall male with black hair and deep lavender eyes. Usually walks around with blue combat trousers, a grey belt, a blue colored leather jacket on a black t shirt. Somewhat muscular yet not the same as gym people. Usually wears two bright magenta piercings on his right ear. Left handed and motorbike enthusiast.
Personality: Introvert, reserved, quiet. Shane is an anylitical person, preferring facts over words. Somewhat of a lone wolf, he won't usually be the first to ask for help. Confident in his abilities yet humble and down to earth. In some cases, he might turn sadistic and ruthless, should the situation call for it. All in all he is what you would expect out of an Anti-Hero type of person not too keen on socializing. He's usually mostly passive to about anything.

PET Modifications: Standard pet grey in color with neown green linings.