Name: Jason Reed
Age: 27
Gender: Male

Appearance: Five foot, six inches, Jason Reed is a thin, malnourished looking sort. He has little upper body muscle definition, the result of years of personal neglect. The man's legs are slightly toned, thicker at the thigh, thanks to his walking habits, but that's all he has to show for himself. His face is pinched, his lips slightly turned out, giving him the eternal face of a man who has just smelled something unpleasant. When he tries, though, he has a kind smile, and his eyes have a winter-y gray-blue quality to them that's startling in it's vibrancy. They're eyes that speak of a determined passion, and when turned into a glare have a piercing intensity. A shame that they're surrounded by deep, sunken pockets from too much time spent in darkness.

Jason Reed favors nondescript clothing in dark tones, void of logos or catchphrases. Browns, grays and blacks are, and ever will be, the uniform of the day. The man does not want to stand out, to be noticed, and his body posture emulates this. He dodges eye contact, sticks his hands in his pockets, tucks his shoulders in, though all unconsciously.

Personality: Reed is the kind of person who lives off of work and coffee. When it comes to his trade, the man's persistence could best be described as obsession. He lives to work, but only because he has had the very good fortune of attaining his dream job. This keeps him at home much of the time, which suits the textbook introvert (and borderline hermit) just fine.

To consider the man another way, think of the man's man. A person who is brave, strong, forward, decisive. These are all qualities that Jason Reed is not. He is prone to sentimentality and has difficulty controlling his emotions. He thinks of objects like people, naming prized objects like cars and computers. Reed hordes mementos and trinkets, leaving his home/office a cluttered mess. Adding to the problem, he thinks little of the common man's cleanliness, excusing himself with meager offers of 'it's not worth my time' or 'I work better in chaos'.

Jason Reed is guided in life by an almost childish naivety and sense of justice, and he has lived the soft kind of life that has allowed this mentality to exist. Again, he's been very lucky. Reed has attained his greatest goal in life already; to be his own boss, to do what he loves. But he is ever hungry for more. Reed isn't sure where his path should go, but he knows that it's in programming, working, more and more, trying to make that special 'something'.

Background/History: Reed pays the bills with his love; programming. Specifically, he constructs custom Navis and sells them at staggering prices that only the affluent and the dedicated can afford. What he excels in is beauty, creation, though he waves the title of artist (he thinks there's something pretentious about it). He even competes in special competitions to produce the highest quality designs and his works have been showcased in magazines. Reed has never placed highly and reliably, though he enjoys the occasional success in one category or the other. He's even produced a model that was adopted by a children's cartoon network as a representative for a toy line, later to become the hero of a show. It didn't last long, only a season. Reed watched it himself and can tell you with a bit of shame that one season was too much, looking back at the fate of his creation with sympathy. But there's always the next project.

PET Modifications: None. In keeping with Reed's love of blending in, his PET is quite plain.