Name: Isaac Werthan Fletcher
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Appearance: Isaac is a tall, Caucasian male who stands six foot two with a generally slim build. He's most prominently known for his long face, and slim features across his chin and cheeks. He bears several stress marks across his face, namely near his brow and nose. His hair is short and receding, a faded brown is it's main hue.
Personality: Isaac is a job-driven, drop-dead-by-working man. He believes that one should earn their keep and has proven himself time and time again to want to get this done. He's quick to judge and act, due to his work, but he's a rather well mannered fellow all-in-all. He doesn't mind his Boston-esque accent and his ties to NetVegas. He's honest on the job until it requires a lie or two. Which is quite often. He's elusive and is not above feigning his personality and name to protect his identity as a private eye. He seems money-driven, but has a strong sense of justice lying deep within him. He cannot stand crooks or criminals, and will go out of his way, even off-job, to punish them in any way he can.
PET Modifications: The PET itself has no opening lock or cage mechanism, and opens like a flip phone. It's dinged up and appears to have seen some heavy use.
Believed Area of Origin: NetVegas, unable to trace any family members or information on exact relations or even true name.