Name: Allen "Dome" Domzalski

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dome is six foot, lightly tan, blue eyes, and has soft brown hair that reaches down to his collar bone, he stays clean shaven. Dome usually wears his hair pulled into a bun when he is controlling his Navi in battle.

His apparel consists of a pair of tight fitting black jeans held up by a solid white belt. Also he wears a predominantly gray flannel that has red vertical stripes and some blue stripes thrown in. Finally he wears a pair of red lace less slip-on shoes with no socks for his own comfort. He owns a green army jacket with no patches that he wears during the colder months or when he visits the more snowy locations.

He keeps a hair band, cheap watch/ timer and a wristband that holds his battle chips on his right wrist.

Personality: Self-confidence is what sums up Dome perfectly. Oozing with self-confidence in his own and his Navi's abilities and skills, he feels that they are always up to the challenge whether he has prepared or not. One of his favorite quotes is one he made up himself "Victory is achieved by being 100% mentally confident in your skills." He isn't overly ambitious though and sometimes lacks motivation. Always staying ever self-confident in his skill set even while he isn't achieving any goals; Dome may be cursed to mediocrity as an operator because of this.

PET Modifications: Dome's PET is three different colors, those being red, white, and blue. The Navi emblem that is in the middle of the PET is a solid gold emblem.