Quote (Operator)

Name: Rachel Brown
Age: 17
Gender: Female
A petite - 5' 3", 130 lbs high school student. Her blonde hair is pulled back in a ponytail. Her gray eyes seem to sparkle in the sunlight. Olive skin speaks of a middle-eastern origin, although her nose hints more closely to a Turkish heritage.

Her classic attire includes a emerald, turtle-necked sweater that looks woollen, sleeves stopping just shy of her wrists, revealing identical, silver bracelets. Black sweat pants and black moccasins complete the outfit- but don't forget about the green beret or the yellow silk scarf.

Friendly, outgoing. Also loud. As the second of three children, Rachel also tries to be the most of everything.

PET Modifications:
The PET has a Police Badge Emblem. It is mostly blue, with yellow trim. It has been modified to allow inserting to a wrist band or to also be worn by the neck strap. Has a custom screen cover, allowing the user to flip it up and brandish the badge.

Rachel is an exchange student from Creamland. From the slow, boring sea-side town of Noxford-upon-Upton to the busy metropolis, she's adjusted to city life surprisingly well. Since she can't legally work in Electopia, her godmother and aunt of sorts - Maxine - provides her with a stipend.