Faith Nymphra

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Appearance: Faith has shinning silver hair despite her young age and striking orange eyes, almost appearing crimson. She wears a thin silver jacket over a crimson V-Neck to cover her torso and a short silver skirt with crimson trims around her waist. Her ensemble is complete with silver elbow-high gloves and silver knee-high boots, each with a red ring around the wrists and ankles respectively. Even in her late twenties, her cream-colored skin has a very healthy complexion causing her to look much younger than she actually is.

Personality: Faith is the good Samaritan, always trying to help anybody with even the smallest of needs. She tries to be easy to get along with, but when she loses her patience with somebody she can be more blunt than kind. Although she and her Net Navi don't always get along, she still refers to Feint as her "sister" because she's the closest thing she's ever had to one. Interestingly enough, most people (even Feint) refer to her by her last name, "Nymphra", rather than calling her by her first.

PET Modifications: None