Name: Alex Newell
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Alex Newell stands at 5'11 and wears his dark brown hair medium on top and short on the sides. This gives him a few different options for hairstyles and he enjoys swapping between slicked back, spiked up, and messy. Alex also enjoys collared shirts or tank tops, although he's been known to rock the odd t-shirt on lazy days. He wears nice jeans and signs of wear and tear in his pants, jeans or otherwise, are either taken for mending or tossed out. He takes care to keep himself clean shaven eleven months out of the year.

Personality: Alex believes in partying hearty despite what his mother might say. He's great at making bad decisions and he's currently set his eyes on becoming a DJ or nightclub owner. Unfortunately for him most of his time is spent in a little back room with too-many papers to go through and the scent of weed from his manager's favorite habit. He feels thwarted by life like it has personally decided to rain on his parade for the past year or so. Maybe someday he'll grow up and admit some of his problems are his own making but it doesn't look like that's any time soon.

Pet Modifications: A red and blue PET with black trimming.