Name: Blaise Winchester
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Blaise is a Caucasian, green eyed male with brown hair. He can normally be seen wearing a paperboy cap and a black and white restaurant uniform. He stands at about 5'9" and weighs 145 pounds. He wears gold and black checkerboard bracelet, one of which has a black cherry charm at the end. (The bracelet and charm work as an employee ID chip, used to check into his work as a waiter).
Personality: Blaise takes himself seriously and fears embarrassment and confrontation. While he is normally shy in public areas, he jokes around and acts happy with friends. Despite pretending to be happy, he always keeps a running self-commentary in his head, constantly analyzing what is happening to him. He is very sensitive though and lacks patience. He loses hope and confidence very quickly if he cannot achieve something after the first few times. Someone yelling at him will cause him to be angrier at him for not listening. His pet peeve is being cut off when he is trying to explain his thoughts.
PET Modifications: Blaise's PET is colored with a red and black checkerboard, the trim being silver