Name: Andrew O'Leary
Current Occupation: Chantry Priest of Amaterasu
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Appearance: A blonde man with piercing green eyes. Standing at 6 feet 2 inches, Andrew is a rather quaint fellow, dressed in white robes lined with red, of course, underneath the robes are casual attire consisting of the basics, jeans and a plain T-shirt, but mostly the robes stand out.
The robes themselves are comprised into two sections. First is the top section, which in itself is two sections sewn together. The top portion is a more shoulder covering with a medallion holding them both together, and a long, flowing sleeve covering creates a more nun-esque look than a priest look. The second half seems to look like a vest that was sewn together tightly, seemingly a hard fit onto his body. The second half is the real-robe portion, as a long back-end flows, with coverings over the legs to match. All of this is trimmed in red and gold, very shiny indeed. Tied to Andrew's right wrist is a small book, supposedly the scriptures in which he preaches.
Personality: An easy-spoken fellow coming from humbler roots, also a hard-devoted priest of Amaterasu has riddled Andrew's mind with purity. Dead-centered and focused, almost nothing can waver Andrew's opinion, and he often comes off as stubborn or arrogant, rather than devoted. Though Andrew is a heavy-priest, he also is a kind-hearted fellow, willing to tolerate other religions, even attending friend's churches to learn more about their religion at times. Above all else, this priest will donate anything he has to help the needy or poor, and can be described as a goodie two-shoes.
PET Modifications: An olive and red color-scheme, primarily with the Olive color overriding the red around the body, but when hands touch the PET, the fingerprints become red, slowly fading out. Also has a thermometer built in so Pyromancer can attune himself to the environment, in order to react to various situations when inside. There is also a velcro-patch on the back so it may attach to the backside of the tome that Andrew carries to create the allusion of reading.