Name: Joan Hargrave
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance: Joan keeps her hair short, it is a deep brown in color, Joan enjoys trips to the salon for color streaks and trying different styles. This Operator favors tight jeans, although most of hers has faded from use and repeated washings. She's average in height and weight, standing only at about 5'2. She's tans rather easily, but even in winter her skin tends towards a slightly brown hue.
Personality: As you might expect from someone who lived on a farm, Joan enjoys spending her days outdoors and becomes moody when she's unable to spend time outside during the week. While she once was very outgoing, her aunt has noticed Joan has become more soft spoken and almost a bit timid after the fire on the farm. The city is a bit overwhelming after having lived in the middle of nowhere, and Joan keeps quiet, switching to a more observing type of mindset.
PET Modifications: The PET is silver with black trimming, and has a drop-resistant casing. It also has a lanyard attached, allowing Joan to wear it around her neck.