[quote=Operator]Name: Mikey DeMarco
Age: 28
Gender: M
Appearance: A little haggard looking for a guy in his late 20s, Mikey isn't anything special at first. His dim expression and severe limp both suggest a tired man, when in reality he is anything but. Underneath his standard hoodies and sweatpants, beneath the unkempt stubble and messy hair is the body of a fighter. As an ex-boxer, Mikey works out rigorously, pushing himself as far as he can despite his injury.
Personality: Mikey's a fairly subdued person, a far cry from his old self. He takes most things carefully and cautiously, and tried to think things through before tackling them. Sometimes the old fire will build up and shine through, usually when he's watching KnockoutMan at work- but for the most part, Mikey's a bit of a shadow on the wall.
PET Modifications: A simple black/red/gold PET with a small clip on the back, so it can be hooked onto whatever clothes Mikey's wearing out and about.