Name: Durra Zelkova

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Durra is a slender yet athletic girl. Long limbs contributing to her overall height, the pale girl stands a brilliant 6'1 for her age. She has very straight, straight cut raven hair that comes down to her thighs. Her neatly combed straight fringe is cut barely above her silvery-blue eyes, almost touching her lashes. Her trademark outfit consists of a thigh-length turtleneck sweater of the darkest shade of gray that fits her figure perfectly, attired with ebony pantyhose and a pair of black wedge ankle boots. A pair of brown tinted shades always sits on top of her head ready to be worn for comfort under sun.

Personality: Durra is a blunt eye candy who keeps her words to the point, almost blatantly so, as she interprets situations as the blank obvious. The girl's temper is hard to provoke, if one were to try. She is oddly lax in her emotions and with the way she holds herself, often slinking about with cat-like grace and a blank expression in her eyes, but deep down, she seems to have a tad interest in everything.

PET Modifications: Color scheme granite-black, with a thin silver lining around its screen. On top of the screen is Lumen's emblem, adorned with a thin silver circle. Holographic touch and NetOp-Navi text communication are enabled. Since Durra's house uses smart doorlocks, her PET acts as a key to her house, and is a switch to all of the electrical appliances within.