Name: Zed Pellin
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Zed is a young Caucasian male with a very slender build, thanks to his status as one of the member of his school's track team. Matching his brown eyes, his hair is of the same colour, and is never combed. He is slightly picky about his attire; he is often seen wearing a turtleneck with the sleeves dyed steel blue, while the rest remains ivory white. He also wears khaki brown shorts and off-white sneakers. He is far-sighted so he carries reading glasses to necessary to read small text.

Zed by himself has low self-esteem and is bad at starting conversations. He is however high-spirited whenever he is in a group or with his annoying Navi to push him out of his fears. He will also find a chance to try out new activities and make friends to make his life a bit more cherish able. He always tries to avoid trouble but his Navi is likewise, failing to do so. His relationship with Chrosa isn't that great in terms but he appreciates his efforts to make him a better person.

Zed likes are mostly towards indoor activities but likes going out much more. He saves his allowance to one day go to Electopia.

He also has an interest in Zeppelins because his uncle runs a leading advertisement blimp company and seldom brings Zed to share ideas with him.

PET Modifications: His PET is a recent model, with a steel blue casing. There are no modifications to distinguish it from any other regular PET.