Name: Richard Birkenhead
Age: 29
Gender: Gentleman
Occupation: Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences; Associate, Dentech University Library


6' 2" with a slightly athletic build, Richard is a proud Netopian bearing a sparkly clean health record and a lady-killer face. Sporting brunette hair and emerald-toned eyes, Richard is usually seen in the university wearing a sleeveless dark-green sweater tucked on top of a dress shirt and pressed trousers, accompanied by a set of slip-on suede shoes. He prefers to hang his access cards and staff ID on a lanyard around his shirt collar for easy (and lazy) reach.

Out of the university, Richard usually dresses down to casual slippers, shorts and a simple tee. Whichever the case, you can hardly see him without any books or some sort of reading material.

An optimistic and highly sociable chap that he is, he is easy going and friendly to all that he meets-- making him largely popular amongst the students despite him lecturing the boring historical modules. Richard can be a huge pushover in any debates, however; the last thing he would like to do is to engage in a heated argument over difference in opinion... unless the subject in question was in his field of expertise.

As trained in his expertise, he possesses talents such as logical thinking, coffee addiction, sleep depravity, and participation in online historical nerd forums/social networks.

Background/Current standing:
Having graduated with a degree in history, Richard has had an uneventful journey in his life, having railroaded his way into his current job, fueled primarily by his passion in discovering history in literature. Like a lot of men, however, he too dreamed of fantasy as a child-- though not quite of the right era. Stories of kings and queens, of knights in shining armour-- a bit old fashioned, but it was enough to spur his creativity and motivation up until today.

Today, however, despite being the semi-historian/researcher that he dreamt of, there was little to no texts remaining from his oh-so-favorite era; and he usually end up teetering to the dangerous world of fictional fantasy, or popular media.

Just when he was ready to give up on medieval history and pick up another separate field, however, he found something extraordinary on one of the older shelves in the Dentech University library. While not exactly an original manuscript, it was, however, a copy of what appeared to be a journal, made to preserve the contents, binded and laminated for permanent storage. Tagged together with the journal copy was a small data storage device, which would later turn out to be the core AI programming for his Navigator.

Richard judged the approximate age of the document from the wordings and references found in the journal, and 'lo and behold, it was at least dated back towards the era that he specialised in-- the age of swords and feudalism. With the permission of Dentech University, he took the unserialised book from the library into private possession and research.

PET Modifications:
While the PET is a shop default he purchased just recently (why does it look like it's designed for children?), he successfully hooked it up to sync wirelessly with his cell phone due to its' smaller size and convenience purposes. He also purchased an external chip slot device for his cell phone as well.