Name: Aaron Veneman
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Aaron stands approximately 5'11" with a thin general build. His dark brown eyes are nearly hidden by his brown, shoulder-length hair. On his head, he wears a black baseball cap with a white streak, the bill usually pulled down to shield his eyes. Aaron's choice of clothing is usually an unremarkable pair of light blue jeans, along with a white T-shirt bearing a complex gray design. Over this shirt, he wears a black spring jacket with an insignia over the left chest area. A black velcro PET holster is strapped to his upper arm.

Personality: Aaron is an intelligent and inquiring teenager with a cheerful disposition. An aspiring computer and network programmer, he has always been enthused about the Net, its inhabitants and the underlying infrastructure that supports them. With this in mind, Aaron consistently maintains an interest in Net-related topics and aspires to work at Electopia's SciLab.

PET Modifications: Aaron's PET is an Advanced model, bearing an entirely white color scheme.