Name: Henry Galler
Age: 27
Gender: Male

Appearance: Henry is, to be polite, a larger young man, but that is to be expected when one runs a popular sandwich shop in DenCity. His short, brown hair is often speckled white with flour from making his fresh breads and bagels and he keeps his goatee and mustache trimmed short to comply with food safety regulations. His hands are large and callused, numbed by multiple burns over the years. His general attire is a white tee shirt with the Shroomies logo, a brown mushroom with purple spots, jeans, and black no-slip shoes. When working he also dons a white apron and a black bandanna, both also adorned with the Shroomies logo.

Personality: Henry is a jovial young man, greeting customers and employees with a cheery "Greetings" as they walk in the door. When not too busy working in the back he spends his time chatting with the customers or netbattling. Henry is a bit of a joker which causes some people to underestimate him, but in battle he can be a really serious opponent. Henry is fiercely loyal and those that mess with his friends or shop can really rile him up, sometimes to crazy levels for small things.

PET Modifications: Henry's PET has a built in infrared thermometer, usually used for food and is brown with purple spots.