Name: Willow
Age: 10
Gender: Female


Standing at about 4' 5", Willow is taller than the average 10 year old, yet that counts for little in the world of adults. With a waif-like, lithe figure, this young girl seems to threaten to fade to nothing with her very existence, yet the piercing nature of her eyes more than makes her presence known. Her pair of bright green eyes, flecked with tones of brown are constantly watching, seeing past the here and now, unnerving any unwilling recipient that might draw her gaze. By comparison, the rest of her seems quite ordinary; her skin the colour of teak and her hair an incredibly deep brown, it seems to have a faint tinge of green in certain lights.

Dressed in clinical gowns for the majority of her waking hours, Willow is rarely confronted with the need for fancy clothing, however she does have one particular outfit that one kindly researcher gifted her some years prior. When outside the confines of the institute, Willow wears a flowing sleeveless satin gown that seems to trail off behind her. The colours of the gown are hard to pin down; the light dances upon its surface, causing it to shift from its usual mossy shade to a brilliant grass green and all the shades in between. Worn by years of love and use, the gown is tattered at the bottom granting it a grubby used look.


A life of subjugation has rendered Willow quiet to the world. Without the average childhood, usual social interaction or structure to life, this young girl would seem almost hollow to the casual observer, yet within her lays the gentle soul of a child. Compliant to a fault, there has only ever been one situation where Willow will exert her own will; when another might come to harm. Years of mind altering tests have left her with a cold outlook with regards to herself or her own future; it's not that she lacks confidence; she's just never learnt what confidence is.

With a great aptitude for a variety of tasks, ranging from the martial arts, to military strategy and flower arranging, Willow's gruelling years of tutelage under some of the finest minds have left her with the makings of a great leader of men, yet her unwillingness to raise an arm against another, even when faced with personal danger, has left her all but useless to those that created her, as such, she has been left unable to achieve her life's purpose, causing a great deal of anguish within her.

PET Modifications:

Without the strength required to lug around the standard PET, Willow's PET is about half the size of the average and has a strap that allows it to be slung across her back. It is the colour of bark mottled with dabs of green lichen.


Science is not always a force for good. There are some who would have you believe that science is the pursuit of wholesome advancement, yet in its dark crevices, beneath the shiny veneer lays many an unscrupulous scientist and black-market researcher, willing to deal in the lives of others in the pursuit of money. On the far flung shores of Nation Z, in some underworld funded, black op institute, Willow was born. Acquired by shady means, Willow has been raised by researchers and business men her entire life, forced to undergo gruelling training, all for the purpose of creating the ultimate Operator. Yet something went wrong. Somewhere along the line, Willow acquired a strong distaste for violence and as such, her purpose was quickly rendered unachievable.

Cue Soul.exe. Created in order to instil the much needed bloodlust into this quickly failing project, Soul spent a full two years with the girl, trying everything in order to sway her opinion. However, it would seem that the fates felt mischievous once again because as time went by, Soul was so strongly swayed by the resolve of Willow that he was reformed, pledging himself to the pacifist ways exposed by his operator.

Now, as a last resource, the dynamic duo have been set loose upon the world, in hopes that the cruel nature of reality might instil some much needed fighting spirit into this waning pair.