Name: Aaron Corner
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: A chubby, brown-eyed, brown-haired young man. His short hair and beard are messy, yet his business suits, pants, and shoes are spotless. When not at work, he tends to wear T-shirts and blue jeans, yet these also are pristine. His ears are relatively flat, barely sticking out enough to be considered ears, and his nose doesn't stick that much further out, either.

Personality: Aaron is calm, cool, and collected... when he is not excited about unlocking the secrets of the cyber-worlds. Anything not related to computers or video games will bore him quickly, though he tries not to show it. However, mention his work at SciLab(formerly navi repair and research on "cures" for viruses, now studying Virus Busting and the effects of data corruption and degradation on Navis), or anything to do with video games, and his eyes light up. You can not get him to shut up about them - about his search for the truth, secrets, and "Laws of Cyberphysics".

The relationship with his NetNavi, Vax, is a love-hate one. Formerly his trusted assistant in the study and curing of viruses, this healing navi was corrupted and highly damaged, and had to be put back together with some dubious data. This unfortunately caused him to be completely different than the friend Aaron once had. He seeks to find a way to restore Vax, and cares deeply for him, but gets quite fed up with Vax's figurative and literal insanity. Despite getting annoyed to the point of yelling, Aaron would never replace Vax as his personal Navi.

Despite working in the same place as his parents, Aaron hardly ever sees them. His father Cody works in Navicust programming, and his mother Alana works NetOp/Navi interface development (such as PET designs). When he is able to, he challenges his father to video games, and never shys away from a hug from either of them.

PET Modifications: A white PET with a flip-open cover to protect the screen when not in use. The cover has a red caduceus symbol on it.

Navi: Vax.EXE